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Inspiration vs. Motivation 토토사이트


Matt Balis

Director of Football Performance - Notre Dame

You guys need to be motivated. You need to be
intrinsically motivated. It’s up to you to create the mindset
needed to be great. What you think and believe about yourself
is critical to how you attack everything you do. You have to
accept that failure is part of the process. You will fail. That’s
inevitable. What matters is how quickly you can recover and
get back at it 먹튀검증업체.

There’s a direct correlation between motivation and
action. Our motivation directly affects how hard we are willing
to fight to get what we want. And you can be the most
motivated person in the world, but there will still be days on
which you won’t feel like a champion, days when you don’t
have anything left to give, days when all your motivational
thoughts and statements aren’t enough to get you through.
Then what? What do you do then?

These are the days when having inspiration behind your
motivation is so important. Who or what inspires you? Why do
you do what you do? Who is it for? Is it God’s plan for your
life? Does God want you to work as hard as you possibly can
towards this goal? If you don’t know why you are doing what
you’re doing, if inspiration isn’t there to kick in when your
motivation is spent, you’ll have a tough time fighting through
the really hard days.

You might be asking, “How do I figure out what inspires
me?” Well, for starters, what do you think about when you
aren’t thinking about anything else? When your head hits the
pillow, what’s on your mind? If you’re an athlete, it can’t just
be the sport. Maybe it’s the ultimate goal of success in life,
whatever that may look like to you. Whatever it is, you’ll know
when you come across it. It’s an inescapable feeling. You can’t
satisfy it. You’ll think about it all the time. Maybe you haven’t
found inspiration just yet. That’s okay. But I highly suggest
you go in search of it.

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